For International Students


All new non-resident students must confirm their enrollment at the university by official notification and confirmation deposit of $400. The confirmation deposit will be credited toward tuition and fees. Beside the confirmation deposit student must pay enrolment fee of $100 which is not going to be credited toward tuition and fees. The enrolment fee must be paid along with the student visa payment. Without enrolment fee student would not be able to count as KU student.Besides the Confirmation Deposit and enrolment fee, non-resident students must pay for visa, please check the link for detailed information

Non– resident students must see all other expenses under Tuition, Financial Aid and Housing to have an idea how much it is going to cost studding and living in Kutaisi, Georgia.

Note, non-resident student applying for undergraduate program at KU, must address their own country’s  Ministry of Education if there is any specific requirements criteria\'s their  must meet in order to be accepted in KU. It is non-resident student’s obligation to make sure that he/she can apply for undergraduate program at KU. Kutaisi University is checking your background and in case there will be something wrong, you will loose your Confirmation Deposit, which is generally is paid back by the end of your program.

There is no any specific requirement (like language test) from Georgian Ministry of Education. KU will test your English level locally.


Degree Programs


Starting from 2006 Kutaisi University has identified economics and business administration as its priority directions and at present it provides educational programs at all three levels in accordance with the law on Education.


Bachelor’s Degree Programs


The program has been developed by professors with business experience. Its flexible design allows you to design individual programs tailored to your needs and aspirations. Besides it enables you to develop your knowledge and skills in a secondary field of study alongside with your main qualification thus making you more competitive in the labour market and providing a sound foundation for a successful career.

For this purpose the University offers four Minor programs: Economics, Information Technologies, English and Applied Mathematics.

For this purpose in the current year the university offers 3 majors and 5 minors.
Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Administration –240 credits in total, out of which

Major—180 Credits

• General courses (university modules): 60 credits;

• Core Courses (Faculty modules):80 credits;

• Elective Specialty subprograms: 40 credits;

• Management

• Finance

• Accounting

Minors - 60 Credits each

• EconomicsBusiness Administration

• Informational Technology

• English Language

• Applied Mathematics

Students are not conferred academic degrees in minors; the general and field-specific competencies developed are reflected in the transcript. On completion of the first year of studies make their choice of a major as well as a minor.

Master\'s Degree Programs

Finances, Banking and Insurance

Accounting and Audit

PhD. Programs



For Non-resident Students


There is a Georgian Language tuition center, which starts after or before your classes.

It is free of charge for all non-resident students who will apply at KU first semester and whose English language level is high. After passing the Georgian Language test first two best score non-resident student will be financed for the next semester, for the rest non-resident students the price of the tuition will be $500 per semester and it is obligatory to take this class. The final test will be held by the end of each semester, so you can get finance next time if your score will be among the best two.

Once you reach the minimal requirement level to talk, write and speak in Georgian you can apply for two scholarships after the founders of the university for the most successful students. Please the Financial Aid for more information about different opportunities you may use.




The tuition costs for two semesters is $2250. The money counts for 18 credit hours per whole year.

Please see our website for detailed information:


Financial Aid


The University offers scholarships for the most successful students.  Besides, three different regular scholarships are offered for the students of each year. We also offer one grant covering 100% of tuition and three 50% grants for Master’s degree students as well as two grants, one—100% and the other—50% for PhD students.

Starting from 2010 Kutaisi University holds annual academic grants competition on the base of SAT tests.



Expenses for the houses are vary and depends on the location, number of rooms, furnished versus unfurnished and so on. Our general recommendation is to rent furnished apartment, because the expenses to get even essential staff for house will cost you a lot. To rent a one bedroom (so called studio apartment) in the center of city and close to university will cost you around $200-$250 per month, no utilities included. Generally utility runs to $50 per month. To get an apartment  outside of center  will save you around $80-$120. Public transportation is very much developed so you can get almost in every point of city in 15-20 minutes. The beauty living in the center of city still counts, with beautiful renovated buildings, parks and streets.

Cost for meal is very too, depends on how well you can cook, or maybe you are more going out person. If you can take care of yourself and cook the cost of meal will be around -  $150. But  for people who are eating outside constantly the price could be double.

No matter where you will decide to live and eat, KU will assist you in finding apartment that meets your requirements and saves you money too.

KU’s stuff is willingly assist you to find a place for cheap, however university is giving you couple simple advises that could save your money too : living with a roommate and for a long term period.


E-learning Opportunity

Under the TEMPUS project KU go the honor to be the leader in west Georgia to have a material-technical base for e-learning opportunities. Currently we are offering Tourism Management, however we are open to have other courses too.  KU is offering you a full technical base necessary for taking online courses.

For detailed information about E-learning please contact our International Relations’ specialist Diana Janashia at:

Summer Schools


KU invites you to Summer Schools for short courses at following study programs.

Please note that study language for summer schools is English.

1. In Turism  - “Discover Georgia”

The total duration of this course is 4-6 weeks; 2 weeks theoretical study programs and 2-4 weeks tour programs.

2. Finance

The total duration of course is 4 weeks, 2 weeks theoretical study and 2 weeks practical study in local leading companies.

3. Marketing

The total duration of course is 4 weeks, 2 weeks theoretical study and 2 weeks practical study in local leading companies.

4. Georgian Language and Culture

The total duration of course is 3 weeks.

For more information (rates and dates) about summer school please visit our website: or contact Tea Kordzadze at