News for Students of Kutaisi University

The work has been completed and the reader of the pilot course titled “Civic Education and Democracy in Georgia: Challenges and Pathways” is ready to be published. The course reader has been developed in the framework of ERASMUS + project “Curriculum Reform for Promoting Civic Education and Democratic Principles in Israel and in Georgia” (abbr. CURE).


\"CURE\" project has been ongoing for about two years now, in which the staff and the students of Kutaisi University are actively involved. Along with the scientists of other Georgian Universities (Ilia State University, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University) participated in the project three employees of Kutaisi University (Tinatin Meparishvili, George Tchumburidze and Gia Tsutskhvashvili) have also contributed to the elaboration of the chapters of above-mentioned course reader.


The new reader will enrich the learning material of Kutaisi University’s existing optional course titled “Democracy and Citizenship” and will make the teaching/learning process more interesting for them who will choose to study this course. The reader is also planned to be used in Teacher-Preparation Programs in HEIs of Georgia. It will also provide valuable assistance to people interested in civic education issues.


Here is the link for the eReader.

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